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Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Holidays from SOLINGLASS ! Thank you for your support!

Happy Holidays!

It's been a crazy year for Solinglass! From moving our whole studio
to getting ready for the new season! We hope to see everyone at the New Fulcrum Arts Center in the Spring!

1st annual Blow Your Own Ornament Day!
Fun Fun Fun!

Randi "charging" the furnace!

memories of the old cottonmill studio as the "veranda" is taken away!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013



We are so blessed to have received so much support from our backers, family and old friends and NEW friends! Thanks You so much! We hope that you all will come to the studio when we can have guests, as we under construction. We will let you know!
 Randi and Marie's office is painted! We are working on Michael's room! and moving things over.....

like... the furnace .

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2013 ARMONK Outdoor Art Show! 52 Years Of Fine Art!

Please Join Randi for a fabulous weekend in Armonk New York for the 2013 Outdoor Show.... She enjoyed the area so much she is going back! Hope to see you there! Thanks for supporting the Arts!

      The NEW Fulcrum Arts Center links are Below!!!! come check Us out! See you in beautiful                                                                                          Vermont!
Fulcrum Arts Center Crew!
Fulcrum on Facebook

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Westport Fine Arts Festival 2013

art shows, festivals, art
July 20th - 21st 2013   Westport CT


This is the first time Randi will be doing this show! Let's have fun in Connecticut! Check out some amazing Art, Sculpture, Painting, Ceramics, Wood and much much more.. This well attended show proves to be a New England summer favorite! We hope to see you in Westport on Saturday and Sunday! Thanks for supporting the Arts!

Monday, May 20, 2013


Randi is running around the country again! This time she has made her way to Bellville, Illinois to
                                                     the Art on the Square Show. They had great weather!  
        AND... Randi won Best in Glass award for the whole show! Congratulations RANDI!!
Plan on this show for next year! It had been awarded the country's #1 or #2 art show for the past many years!
Moving Forward...
Randi is at it again... heading to the ..... 

art shows, Indiana,



                                                      This is a big year for the show as it is the
                       40th year for The Round the Fountain Art Fair!
                                                        This is a one day must see event! 

            ABOUT THE FAIR

On the Saturday of every Memorial Day Weekend, the City of Lafayette and the ‘Round the Fountain Art Fair Committee welcome you to the ‘Round the Fountain Art Fair, an annual destination location that features up to 100 artists from around the nation, showcasing their talent and works in a variety of pieces and media.
click here -----> for information about Lafayette, Indiana!
Hope you see you there......
click here for a complete show schedule ------->  

     NEWSFLASH!!!! What does Solinglass+Natalie Blake Studio = ?
                                        FULCRUM ARTS!

When 2 Super Chicks combine all their forces who knows where they can go? Look for news about upcoming big events and surprises as these two entities combine to become one...                      be continued!                                                                   
                                                        ABOUT FULCRUM ARTS 

                                                                                                     be good.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Do You have cabin fever!   Need an idea for a great get away???? Plane fares are great right now! especially into Baltimore!
The 2013 American Craft Council Show is about to begin.... Next Friday, Randi and I will be in Baltimore for the ACC retail show. This is one of the country's most prestigious retail show. The bar for the quality of work has been raised here, so if you walk around the show you may find it takes you longer than you think! There are so many beautiful inspirations pieces of art, jewelry and wearable you'll want to plan on staying the night and enjoying some amazing Baltimore Night Life! <--->  Click here for more Nightlife/ Baltimore travel Info.

We have been working extra hard these last few months to get ready for the show!

Randi, George and Marie making a Summer Bowl at Solinglass Studio in Barattleboro , Vermont

 The show is at the Baltimore Convention Center... it is HUGE.. I believe it takes up 5 or so square blocks! You'll find the show inside the Pratt Street entrance. There are plenty of things to occupy your time ... Take a walk down by the waterfront to see the boats..keep walking over to the Visionary Museum... which is also close to places like The Hard Rock Cafe.. and Beautiful Historic Fells Point ..
I personally recommend going into Little Italy.. YUM.. so many great restaurants! One of our ultimate favorites is a family owned ristorante called La Scala!

Below are some direct links to what you need to make your trip happen! Hope to see you All there!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

SOFA Chicago 2012

glass, sculpture, modern art, contemporary sculpture, fine art sculpture
Well Randi and all the work has arrived in Chicago...Randi has been diligently working to set everything up for the big Preview opening night! TONIGHT! Take a look at all the amazing artists participating in this top notched show..... Solinglass is being represented by the Maria Elena Kravetz Galley. Thanks for supporting the Arts!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Heat is Blistering! What are you doing to Cope? We're going to Ann Arbor!

      There has been so much going on here ay Solinglass! We can barely keep up with ourselves! Sound familiar? Summer...  Has arrived with a string of strange weather patterns. Randi was on the road as I write and I have a lot to say....

    In the Fall of last year a lovely woman named Katherine Jamieson stopped by the studio in behalf of American Craft Magazine to do an interview with Randi Solin. Fitting timing, in my mind, as Randi has been now working in glass for 25 years now! (Hmmm Just like Oprah!). Katherine spent the whole day with us here in the hot shop.  Below is a link to the actual article..although, I highly recommend you subscribe to American Craft Magazine so You may keep abreast of all the talented artists and their work! 

American Craft Magazine article - Keep Your Damn Flowers!

blown glass, handblown, fine art glass, Randi Solin, sculptural glass, made in Vermont
Randi at Solinglass Studio in Brattleboro Vermont.      photo by  Joel Baldwin

They made the interview easy as pie... Even The 8 hr photo shoot with Randi went hilariously well! Joel was amazingly patient!
                         In March, Randi and I traveled to New York City, to Pier 94
                                                     for the  9th Annual 
                  Architectural Digest Home Design Show!
  We love attending this show, as we can see the new trends in Home Design. There is always something to do in the borough of Manhattan.... And as always, we enjoy several slices of pizza from a variety of local pizza joints ..yummmmmm
We were in the MADE section of the show, which we have seen grow from no section to a Sold Out "Artist Made" section, where Designers and the Public can meet the Artists and see their newest works in person. Randi's newest pieces: Sedona and Ferris were the Belles of the Ball!

Sedona Flat Fine Art Vessel hand blown glass sculpted by Solinglass in Vermont
Sedona 13"x10"x 4"       Photo : Chris Von Holle

 Blown glass made in Vermont one of a kind Sculptural Fine Art Hand blown off the blow pipe
Ferris 20" x 14" x 8"                                              Photo: Bob Barrett

You must see these beauties in person. The depth and optics of each piece define what Randi is looking for in her Fine Art Glass...Randi is a true Abstract Expressionist.

                                 OK.... THIS IS COOL .....

     In the midst of all the goings on..a call came in regarding a Sahara Flat Vessel. ....................................
The people at ABC's The Lying Game have decided to use the Sahara Flat Vessel on the set on the show! Mindy at Haven Gallery  formerly in Austin, Texas happily informed us that we could catch a view of a beautiful Art Glass piece made by Solinglass while watching the Season Finale of The Lying Game!

 sure to watch where else Solinglass has popped up!
Haven Gallery has moved since this Blog has been started! See what I mean about not catching up?
They are in the process of moving to Colorado! Good Luck Mindi... It was a pleasure working with you. We wish you great luck in your new location.


In April, we received news that whenever anyone flies the friendly skies, they now can peruse the Delta Sky Mall Catalog and Find SOLINGLASS in the newest Magazine. Thanks to the folks at the American Craft Council. 

solinglass in delta sky mall, delta sky mall magazine

                                PIZZA 101
hand crafted pizza, pizza, organic
90 second PIZZA by Michael Wind   photo by Marie Formichelli
Always thinking, Michael Wind ,cold worker extraordinaire/fabulous cook, has been coming in on Wednesdays and tantalizing us,  and outside visitors with his 90 second Pizza... He puts a delicious array of topping on each individual pizza ranging from Prosciutto, caramelized onions, avocado, Gorgonzola cheese and artichokes! What a nice break from the usual "hecticness"  of "office day"... everyone is smiling.... Thanks Michael! ( I just had a piece of Avocado and sun-dried tomato pizza with Michael's home made red sauce on his "secret recipe" dough!) YUM YUM! I like Wednesdays.

pizza, fresh vegetable, organic, sculpted
Basil Avocado Pizza


pizza, hand made
Michael Wind. Chef.  Photo : Chris Von Holle

And last ...but Not least....Solinglass is travelling to                
 Ann Arbor July 19th through July 21st 2012!
Randi Solin and Solinglass have been invited in participate in the State Street Art Fair Again!

there are street performers, great food and music

                                                                                                                               art glass sculpture, blown glass
Reeds stands proud in the front of the booth

 We love Ann Arbor ! We'd love for you to make the trek to the largest
 Art Fair in the country! There are 325 artists in this show....So... along with the
 other 4 shows I'm guessing there are over 1000 artists total all within a few blocks.
 All the streets are closed for pedestrian traffic
and everything takes place on the Beautiful
 University of Michigan Ann Arbor Campus.
 There are tons of things to do in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
 So come and say HI to Randi (and Marie)
Randi Solin, Glass artist, sculptor, glass blower

in Booth # B220 on the
corner of N, University St and Thayer St. (near Panera!)

We here at SOLINGLASS Thank you All for your
support ot the Arts throughout all these years!

"Smile, breathe and go slowly"   Thich Nhat Hanh

Friday, March 11, 2011

Country Mouse Goes To The City - 2011 10th annual Architectural Home Design Show!

Mujeres, a new piece inspired from this picture from a friend..

   While in Baltimore, we got to see great old friends and make great new friends!
 After returning from shows in Baltimore and Florida, Randi and the crew at Solinglass are on high speed in Vermont once again; getting ready for a full line up of shows! Randi and Marie are headed off again to the:     

                                                 2011 - 10th Annual

                       Architectural Digest Home Design Show 
                                                           March 17-20, 2011
                         Pier 94 • 55th Street at West Side Highway • New York City


      Randi has come up with some new creations that debuted in Baltimore! She is very excited to bring them to this show, as they received rave reviews at both the wholesale and retail shows!

Click here for the image from National Geographic the inspired the Greenland piece                                                                          
The ever-changing faces of Greenland                                                                                                                                                                          

When you come to see us in New York, we will be at:

 BOOTH M85 in the
Last year at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show.
   There is a link below that will lead you to free tickets to get into the show!                 
      TO RECEIVE your complimentary tickets click on of the links...below




Compliments of: Solinglass  

We are looking forward to seeing everyone we see when we come to Manhattan and meeting new friends!

Solinglass is represented by over 70 galleries!
 Everyone works hard together to make our
worlds peaceful places filled with beauty.
I would like to say thank you to a couple now:

Avalon Gallery

Pashmina Cintura
Avalon Gallery Website
       Avalon Gallery                                                 
  425 East Atlantic Avenue                                
   Delray Beach, FL. 33483  .                                 
PHONE:  (561) 272a-9155                      
  FAX(561) 272-9031                                

Avalon Gallery is located in Delray Beach,Florida. John and Mavis are two of the hardest working and sweetest  people that I have ever met. (besides us, of course)! They are always so eager to answer any questions and are extremely  passionate about and very knowledgeable in the Fine Arts. Please say Hello to John and Mavis from us if you happen to venture into their gallery!                                                                                                                             

E-Mail: info@avalononatlantic.comDriving Directions

Syd Entel Galleries &                                                                        
Susan Benjamin Glass etc.       

247  Main St.
Safety Harbor, FL 34695
Phone:  (727)-725-1808

Syd Entel Galleries is like a gallery within a gallery! There is a beautiful glass
gallery (Susan Benjamin Glass etc.) within the Syd Entel Gallery! A beautiful space in a beautiful place.....Safety Harbor, Fl. You can find the  Solinglass piece Glacier there soon!                                                                                                
  BYE BYE BESSY..........  BYE BYE.                                                                                                                                                 

We have had our share of road trips! and old Bessy 1996 Dodge 15 person van has finally seen her last voyage! We will miss her dearly, as we had some long fun trips in that vehicle ... from Chicago to Florida with two families; she has certainly seen a lot of  America... I can say now, that she was a reliable old girl as.. Randi and I never sat on the side of the road waiting to be rescued! Wait! I may have missed my knight in shining armor! But.. we will always have great memories of BESSY........  BYE BYE......................................

She has been replaced with......

TRISCUT  !                                                                                                                                                               

       A mini Dodge Sprinter.... comfy seats! She had her first road trip to Baltimore last month and did great! We were surprised to fit everything in!

Solinglass Travels to Africa!
And last, but not least! 

Solinglass sent two pieces with some Art Handlers to 
Nouakchott, Mauritania Africa  !  The Aquos Flat and the Sahara Emperor Bowl made it's way last week to the United States Embassy there! That makes 6 U.S. Embassies around the world, so far! Now , if we could only get them to send us there!   

Aquos Flat and Sahara Emperor Bowl

Thank you so much for all your support! We look forward to the future but, try always to LIVE in the present.    

Here's a Quote from Thich Nat Hahn:

  Waking up this morning, I smile.
   Twenty- four brand new hours are before me.
   I vow to live fully in each moment ,
   and to look at others thorough eyes of compassion!     

 peace.        See you in New York!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Solinglass website